BR Golf Believes Everyone Can Improve Their Game

Regardless of your age or ability, there is always room to improve your on-course performance. Whether it is improving your course management or your short game, BR Golf is the place to improve your game.

What Does BR Golf Do?


We take time to assess your goals, swing characteristics and your physical capabilities regardless of your ability. With the use of video analysis on the iPad we are able to break down your golf swing in slow motion. This provides us with the necessary images needed to help improve your game.

Implement Changes For The Better

Here at BR Golf we only assess and implement swing changes to improve performance. The use of video analysis also gives you the opportunity to see before and after images of your swing, helping you to clearly understand the reason for the changes we have made.

Create Personal Coaching Plans

We develop personalised coaching plans for every client at BR Golf. There is no such thing as a quick fix in coaching and we believe better performance comes as part of a process.

1. Assess the areas to improve
2. Educating a player on how to improve
3. Ensuring the equipment is best suited to a player's game
4. Provide a structured practise regime which is fun and rewarding


We Don't Give Up

Everyone gets frustrated with poor performances. But how you deal with poor performances is crucial. We believe persistence and hard work together as a team is the only way at BR Golf. We are here to help your game whether you have the dreaded shank, slice or hook.

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Tuition Prices

- 30 minute individual lesson - £25.00

-1 hour individual lesson - £40

- 3 X 1 hour lessons - £100

- 2 hour on course lesson - £75.00

- 2 hour on course lesson - £75.00

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