I recently had a fitting session with Bradley for the new PING Irons.

During the fitting Bradley made me feel very comfortable

After about 40 mins on the driving range going through my set up and trying the Irons with different lengths, lies and grip sizes, It was evident that my old clubs were not suitable for my game.

Having now purchased my NEW Irons and used them for the last 2 weeks I am now standing more upright and gaining further distance and great accuracy.

Bradley's approach to fitting and guidance throughout the process was outstanding and very professional.

I would recommend using Bradley for all your fitting needs.


I recently got fitted at Richmond (Yorks) Golf Club; the purpose was to find an iron which would give me a higher ball flight without losing distance. After trying a number of different shaft and head combinations we found that the M2 Tour irons fitted with a regular flex (Kuro Kage) shaft gave me the ball flight I was looking for and more distance (bonus), these irons have the strongest loft of any irons on the market at present and I noticed it straight away; I was getting a much higher ball flight and more distance. Not only have these irons improved my game, I like the look of them; they have a thinner top line and sit well at address. (Since buying these irons my handicap has reduced from 8 to 7).